Business Partners in Education Program

A Collaborative Partnership

Business Partners in Education Awards

The Business Partners in Education Program is a collaborative partnership between the School District of Manatee County and the Manatee Chamber of Commerce. This program provides businesses of any size an opportunity to make a difference in the schools in our community. The program links businesses and organizations with schools in relationships that enhance student learning and promote school involvement.

Through successful Business Partnerships, schools and businesses are able to develop unique methods of accomplishing educational goals that could not be realized without each other. These partnerships often result in opportunities for students that would otherwise not be possible. Currently, over 450 businesses are partnered with schools throughout Manatee County.

Who Benefits from Business Partnerships?
Everyone! Great relationships between our schools and businesses provide a mutual exchange of resources including time and talent.

Business Partners benefit through:

  • Improved corporate image in the community and schools
  • Opportunities to promote products and services
  • Increased employee satisfaction through volunteerism
  • Opportunities for future recruiting
Schools benefit through:

  • Expanded and enriched curriculum
  • New opportunities for staff professional development
  • Exposure to the “world of work”
  • Fulfillment of needs which may not be met through traditional funding resources
How to Get Involved
All of Manatee County’s elementary, middle, and high school staff is dedicated to the EdVantage initiative to promote community partnerships. If you know of a particular school you or your business would like to be involved with, simply click here and contact that school’s Business Partner Coordinator directly from the list provided. If you are unsure of which school to partner with, or you would like to impact our schools district-wide, please contact the Business Partnership District Coordinator at (941) 708-8770, ext. 2048.

What do Schools Need?
Your business can help in many ways. A few examples are:

  • Student and staff awards and incentives
  • Scholarships
  • Donation of funds or equipment
  • Mentoring or tutoring
  • Guest speakers or readers
  • Internships for school faculty
  • Assistance with organizational development
These are only a small sample of what your business can do for our schools. By contacting the Business Partner School Coordinator, you can gain valuable information on the specific needs of that particular school.

The Manatee Chamber of Commerce Business / Education Partnership Awards Program
The Annual Business and Education Partnership awards are our way of recognizing and awarding the many businesses, organizations, schools and individuals who have made the commitment to work together to enhance the education of students in Manatee County. This past August, more than 250 businesses were recognized at the 19th Annual Awards Breakfast held at Freedom Village. Thanks to our sponsor, Freedom Village Continuing Care Retirement Center, and tremendous support from Johnson Printing and Tropicana Products, we gave awards to 16 organizations and schools for their dedication and commitment to the students of our community. For more information about the Business / Education Partnership Awards Program, contact Jahna Leinhauser at 941-748-4842 ext. 172.