Introduction to Manatee County

A Business-Friendly Community

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More than half of Manatee County's workforce is employed in local service industries or retail trade. Their skill helps support the region's booming tourism and retirement industries. As it has in years past, the agricultural industry continues to employ a large workforce as well, contributing to the vitality of the local economy. Major crops include citrus, tomatoes, cabbage, watermelon, cucumbers, and green peppers. Beef and dairy production also play a significant role in Manatee County's well-being.

Manatee County has developed a reputation for being "business-friendly" by assisting prospective businesses in their relocation efforts. Local government works in concert with area business leaders to devise financial incentives, developers' agreements, and other programs to make Manatee County hospitable to new businesses.

Manufacturing, agribusiness, and fishing are important parts of the local economy. Port Manatee and the Sarasota Bradenton International Airport help connect Manatee County businesses to the world.