Local and State Taxes

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Many newcomers are drawn to Manatee County because of its favorable tax structure, which features no personal income taxes or inheritance taxes. In lieu of this form of taxation, the government relies primarily on sales (the sales tax in Manatee County is six and one-half percent; medical items and groceries are exempt from taxation) and property taxes for its main sources of income (homeowners in Florida who use their home as their residence and meet certain other requirements may be eligible for a homestead exemption).

With the exception of real estate, personal property belonging to a business is subject to a tangible tax. To comply with this requirement, businesses must file a return prior to April 1 of each year; failure to file this return results in a 10 percent penalty. Tangible personal property and ad valorem (real estate) tax bills are mailed in mid-November each year. For additional information about these taxes, contact the Manatee County Property Appraiser’s office at 941-748-8208.